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Our clients include major builders, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning installers, concrete panel precasters, domestic and commercial builders and residential customers.

We are available 7 days a week for domestic and commercial clients throughout most Florida locations. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we pride ourselves in our quality of workmanship.

When you need the service of a core drilling company to cut circular holes through concrete, masonry, asphalt or solid rock for vents, fence posts, railings, cables, conduit, pipes, wires, roofs and so on, everyone knows you should partner with a company who is an experienced drilling expert that delivers high quality work with cutting edge equipment and knowledgeable personnel.

Our skilled team are capable of handling various project contingencies effectively all while completing your project on time and on budget.

With a highly experienced team of professionals and cutting edge drilling equipment, 1st Rate Service USA has the knowledge and experience to efficiently drill any size, angle and depth. You can depend on us to deliver the quality of work your project demands. Call us today to discuss your next project.


Concrete Core Drilling

industrial - commercial- residential

We have the tools to get the job done right. At 1st Rate Service USA we offer the highest quality results and our professional concrete core drilling team have many years of experience in the field. We provide drilling services for thick walls or slabs, plumbing or electrical cores, bollards, manholes, railings, wall stiffeners, roof drains, and much more.

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Serving Bradenton, Miami, Sarasota Tampa, St Petersburg, Cape Coral,  ,Naples, Sun City Center, Fort Meyers and Orlando in Central and South Florida.


Brett Infanti

Project Manager

In my experiences to date, if I had to describe First Rate to a perspective client, here’s how I would describe the company: 
Top quality work at a very competitive prices. Quick response with no micro-management necessary...

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