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Concrete Coating  and resurfacing Systems




Not all concrete floors are the same. Different densities of concrete require different methods to make them ready for coating. Since the final result of any job hinges on the initial preparation we take this step very seriously.

Cracks, divots, and holes in a concrete floor not only detract from its aesthetic qualities but can also be a hazard to employee and visitor traffic. After a detailed consultation, 1st Rate Service USA will repair problem concrete areas prior to servicing. We eliminate "accidents waiting to happen" and provide the proper base for a durable, beautiful finish.

Serving Bradenton, Miami, Sarasota Tampa, St Petersburg, Cape Coral,  ,Naples, Sun City Center, Fort Meyers and Orlando in Central and South Florida.




There are 2 basic ways of preparing a concrete floor for refinishing:

1. Shot Blasting- Shot blasting is very much like sand blasting but instead of sand, small steel balls are shot at high velocity to "blast" the surface of the concrete, removing old finishes and other surface contaminates. Shot blasting provides the proper profile for improved bonding with epoxy and urethane floor installations.Unlike chemical agents, shot blasting uses no harsh chemicals that could interfere with the bonding process of today's finishes and produces no unpleasant odors. The concrete dust that is produced is collected using a powerful vacuuming system.This process is recommended by most coating manufacturers.

2.Diamond Grinding- Diamond grinding is a form of concrete grinding that smooths, cleans and abrades the substrates. It is the ideal method to remove thin coatings and mastics in preparation for the application of very thin applications and sealers. Diamond grinding opens the pores of the concrete without damaging or gouging the surface. It also produces the smoothest, most uniform surface resulting in a durable, long lasting finish. This process is suitable for interior and exterior floors.

Hand Grinding  Edges-

This step is often bypassed by many contractors as unnecessary. The thought is that the industrial grinder gets close enough. In reality, in takes extra time that they don't want to spend. Edges that have not been ground do not hold the coatings as well and have a tendency to release over time. 1st Rate Service grinds all edges for uniform durability and appearance and though It takes longer, the final result is worth it.